1. How do I know if I “have a case”?

One of the lawyers at our firm will meet with you and discuss your case. A lawyer will interview you and get the “facts” of the case. They will review any documents that you bring to the meeting and advise you of any cause of action.

2. How do I arrange a meeting with a lawyer?

Simply call us at 753-6066 and request a meeting with one of our lawyers. You can also identify the “area” of law that you would like to discuss with us, such as family law, sexual abuse, personal injury, wills, employment, etc. so that we can match you with the right lawyer.

3. How much will it cost for a lawyer to determine if I have a case?

Our initial consultations are always free. Depending upon the complexity of your case, our lawyers are usually able to immediately determine if you have a case at the time of the initial consultation.

4. How do legal fees work?

If you retain us, the legal fee arrangement will depend on the “type” of case.

Contingency Fee: For most personal injury matters, we collect our legal fees based on a “contingency fee” arrangement. This means that we only collect our fees when your case settles or a judgment is reached. Under this arrangement you do not pay us “during” the case; we only get paid when you collect your settlement. If we do not succeed, we do not get paid.

Hourly: For other types of cases, such as family law or civil litigation, which is quite often unpredictable as to the time and effort to be expected and expended, we charge on an “hourly” rate basis.

Flat Fee: A “flat-fee” arrangement may also apply depending upon the type of case. This type of fee arrangement usually applies in matters where you are retaining a lawyer for a single transaction such as buying or selling a house, drafting wills or estate documents, or resolving a narrow issue.

5. Do you provide quotes?

Yes. For matters such as real estate transactions, we will provide a quote for legal fees and the anticipated costs in order to close your purchase or sale transaction. We can also provide quotes for matters which require drafting of estate documents, other legal documents, and matters where we charge a flat-fee arrangement.

6. If I retain a lawyer, will I have to go to Court?

Court is avoidable in some cases and we will fight for your best interests in we must go to court. However, Court is not necessary in every case and your matter can be settled without the need to go to Court. We will represent your interest in Court on your behalf. Depending on the “stage” of the case or the complexity, you may have to appear in Court. However, most of our cases are settled out of Court without the need for you to attend.

7. What areas of law do you practice?

We offer a general law practice. We have experience in civil litigation, personal injury, family law, administrative law, estate law, contract law, wills, motor vehicle accidents, real estate, property disputes, sexual abuse, medical malpractice, tort law, employment & labour, human rights, elder law, and corporate law.

8. After I hire a lawyer, what do I have to do?

Keep us informed of how to reach you. Also, advise of any new facts that may be related to your case. When you retain one of our lawyers, we will work “collaboratively” with you on various things such as providing documents, witness information, and financial documentation. We act as a “team” and each of will have to do certain things in order to advance your case.

9. When I meet with a lawyer, is the meeting “private”?

Yes. All discussions with your lawyer are private and confidential. We are not allowed to “talk about” your case to other people or disclose your personal circumstances without your permission. In this context, you can tell us anything and feel comfortable that our conversation is protected and private between us. This is referred to as “solicitor-client privilege”.

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